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Are you:

  • a food blogger who has been blogging for a while and feels stuck in a creative rut?

  • happy with your writing but feel your photography needs work - or vice versa?

  • tired of attending traditional format conferences where you are one of dozens of bloggers simply listening and taking notes ?

If so, then From Plate to Page is what you need!

What Participants Say

SpeechBubble"A wonderfully put together and run event, and the best thing I have done in 2011." - Valentina
"A hands-on, mouth full and brain-spinning kind of experience!" - Barbara
"the workshop and my entire experience were nothing short of brilliant" - Ken

We are always very grateful to receive feedback from our participants and here are some of the wonderful things that attendees have said about Plate to Page workshops.


  • "These gals are kick-ass teachers ... If you are ready to develop your writing skills/photography/food styling skills then look no further... I loved it all." - Mona Wise of Wise Words

  • "The experience of a lifetime! ... I had never expected to have such a fantastic time... an unforgettable experience... It was over far too quickly!" - Simone van der Berg of Junglefrog Cooking

  • "… the most fabulous and life-changing experience of a lifetime." - Astrid Raucher of Paulchens Food Blog

  • " a fabulous #plate2page weekend in Weimar… So much fun, passion, creativity, dedication, friendship, information, and support." - Arthi Iyer of Soul Curry

  • "Bellissimo ... sometimes things happen, really wonderful things, that change the way you see the world ... so much more than a learning experience: it was continuous inspiration and at the same time a lightning bolt of illumination." - Jasmine Guetta of Labna

  • [The instructors] pushed us, challenged us, worked with us, helped us, critiqued us, laughed with us, shared with us, encouraged us, drank with us, cooked with us, inspired us ..." - Jenn Oliver of Jenn Cuisine

  • "[The workshop] fuelled my creative energy ... such a supportive environment ... the workshop and my entire experience were nothing short of brilliant" - Ken Leung of Hungry Rabbit


  • "I think the format was great regarding size, location and length. Small enough to be able to get feedback on everything. Beautiful location and just enough with three working days. I really liked the very practical approach to both photography and writing and for me it was important that we used the time to work like we did. You have designed the workshop in a very pedagogical way and the constant shifting between doing exercises and getting feedback was excellent. A very professional, educational and creative workshop." - Heidi Lyngstad, professional writer

  • Loved that the workshop only had 12 attendees. The one-on-one discussion/feedback is great.” - Lynn Gowdy of Sacatomato

  • This weekend has meant so much. A time to focus on the process, concentrated without the distraction of our regular work-a-day lives. What an indulgence it seems. But how do you grow as an artist or whatever your craft, if you can only practice an hour or two here and there? And, where else do you have the luxury of a valued critique, in a voice you trust. Our mentors were there for us, prepared and warmly human. Asking us the hard questions and appreciating the parts that speak authentically. All the while pushing and challenging us to make what we do better, thoughtfully with no desire to change our style or have us create a copycat version of what good food writing or photography is “supposed” to be. The perspective of an experienced, evaluative critical eye has been invaluable.” - Robin Ove of What About the Food?

  • "A wonderful, inspiring and truly special weekend in Tuscany ... We bonded, learned from each other, shared, worked and laughed ... such an inspiring and precious experience!” - Denise Kortelever of TLT – The Little Things

  • The Plate to Page workshop boosted my writing and photography skills, got in me the energies and enthusiasm needed to get creative and write. It identified my strengths and weaknesses and set me in the mood to work hard to improve. I met people from all over the world who share my same passion for food and who want to put this passion on paper and capture it in illustrative photos. I had the opportunity to enjoy the instructions of 4 dedicated and enthusiastic tutors which worked hard to make this workshop an experience to treasure. As our last day approached I was already getting nostalgic.” - Olivia Darmanin of Eatmania

  • “A creation of four great minds and skills. A three day workshop where writing, talking, styling and photographing is centered on food. In the end you get much more than that ... When I think about our instructors all that comes up to my mind is humour as they had plenty, encouragement, positivity, generosity and honesty in their feedbacks. Four very approachable lassies who made themselves available to each and every one of us at all times. We became partners in that weekend journey which was a starting point in a long term trip ... The exercises and activities asked that we bared our ‘words’ and ‘shots’ so that both could be deconstructed, evaluated, worked on and re-shaped….The (writing) sessions were extremely important as they touched the way one expresses oneself in words. The photo & styling sessions allowed us all to practice and learn not only from the instructors but from each other ... I have the fondest memories of a great weekend where I made new friends ... A wonderfully put together and ran event and the best thing I have done in 2011.” - Valentina Jacome of A Wee But of Sugar

  • And if you are passionate about food and blogging, and you haven't heard of From Plate to Page , get thee to their website.” - Elizabeth Pizzanato of Roast Duck and a Big Gooey Cake

  • There were intense, thoughtful, creative exercises in photography and writing, pushing us gently out of our comfort zone into a bigger style ... I can't thank our wonderful organizers enough. I felt as if they opened up the circle of their friendship and included us all in it. It was an experience I'll never forget. …full of creative energy.” - Kate McNally of Serendipity

  • “Your workshop has revolutionised my life. So inspiring, uplifting and so in the right direction for me. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend. It is months on now and I still think about it all the time, I tell people of the wonderful time, the supportive friends gained and the huge amount I learnt. I didn't mind that I shared a room, it meant that we were fully immersed in the experience and it was a comfort to have someone going through the same things in a new place. I got back from p2p and quit my unhappy job as an editor and slaved through the night making preserves inspired by Sunchowder and her incredible jam. P2P gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to take that step.” - Hayley Harland of Delectable Diary


  • Plate to Page … left me brimming with renewed inspiration, knowledge, resources and friendships. The workshop provided a wealth of information. To learn from women, who not only continually strive to master their crafts, but have also chosen to teach, share and mentor, was a gift… not to mention a lot of fun! You four have put together a really special offering. I will be anxious to sign up for Part II in the not too distant future.” - Wendy Thomas of Chez Chloe

  • Inspiring and talented teachers... the whole workshop was incredibly contagious and intoxicating! I'm really looking forward to implementing the many tips and tricks I've learned in the workshop step by step.” - Juliane Haller of Schöner Tag Noch!

  • "The workshop schedule was tight and hectic with no time to waste. We were all gathered together to share, find our strengths and weaknesses and discover ourselves in the process. Meeta, Ilva, Jamie and Jeanne have boosted my photography and writing skills and gave me the enthusiasm and inspiration to think out of the box and get creative.” - Spandana Bondalapati of Cook Like Mom

  • "I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic workshop. I loved every bit of it. You guys made me think and write." - Nitin Kapoor, professional photographer at Nitin Kapoor

  • "I liked that it was segmented into camera and writing. The agenda was focused and I took notes nonstop. The writing workshops were very good and I liked the exercises as they took me out of my comfort zone and made me realize I am not that crap at writing and that I can actually be witty! For my level of camera work it was perfect and also the writing was excellent because I learnt about teasers and how to engage people more. I also like working in a team; we laughed so much and I learnt a lot from both of them too. " - Françoise Murat, professional garden designer of Rendez-Vous Déco & Jardin

  • "A Hands On, Mouth Full And Brain Spinning Kind of Experience... I loved the writing exercises (they bring out the best in me which comes as a surprise as English is my second language). [Plate to Page] was a great experience, very FOCUSED, inspiring and motivating! It was a wonderful experience, mind blowing and very intense! ... [T]ogether we created awesome memories. I can only recommend it!" - Barbara Klein of Late Bloomers


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