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Are you:

  • a food blogger who has been blogging for a while and feels stuck in a creative rut?

  • happy with your writing but feel your photography needs work - or vice versa?

  • tired of attending traditional format conferences where you are one of dozens of bloggers simply listening and taking notes ?

If so, then From Plate to Page is what you need!

About From Plate to Page

From Plate to Page is an intensive hands-on food photography and writing workshop aimed primarily at food bloggers, writers and photographers like you. It provides an exciting opportunity for those of you looking to enhance and hone your photography and writing skills, both for your blog and for professional work. It is your opportunity to spend a weekend learing from four of Europe's most experienced food bloggers, in a stimulating and creative atmosphere, building on your existing skills and taking your creativity to the next level.

These exclusive 2.5-day residential programmes covers basic and advanced food styling and photography as well as writing skills and voice. Through comprehensive practical exercises, hands-on assignments and tasks such as cooking workshops, market or vineyard visits, photo walks and restaurant meals, the programme is designed to address a variety of aspects of food photography, styling and writing.

The workshops are led by four of Europe's most popular and respected food bloggers, freelance writers and photographers, each an experienced teacher and speaker:Ilva Beretta of Lucullian Delights; Jeanne Horak-Druiff of CookSister!; Meeta Khurana Wolff of What’s for Lunch, Honey?; and Jamie Schler of Life's a Feast. (Please click here for speaker biographies.); Each member of this team has been blogging successfully for a number of years and all have done freelance work as a result of their blogs. Together they form a powerhouse of blogging, photography and writing knowledge and share their experience, insight and know-how with an exclusive group of 10 participants.

By keeping the group small, it is possible to present topics in a practical and collective way, with group participation at every step. Over the course of the weekend participiants work individually or in teams to complete assignments in both writing and photography. This includes plenty of one-on-one contact with each participant in a relaxed and social atmosphere where it is possible to ask questions as well as share ideas and practical experience far more freely than in a large auditorium. Time is dedicated to critique, discussion and analysis, helping you to understand, reflect upon and improve your work.

Attendees and instructors at the first P2P workshop
Weimar, Germany - May 2011

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Our From Plate to Page logo was originally designed by Clement Dagneaux and in 2012 updated by Lisa Nieschlag of “Nieschlag + Wentrup

About Lisa Nieschlag
Lisa Nieschlag is a designer, cookbook author and food blogger. Lisa just finished her third cookbook, this time a children's cookbook. Together with her business partner, she invented “Anni” two years ago: a friendly kitchen expert, the kind of grandmother we all wanted. Their first cookbook, “Anni kocht in Münster”, took readers by storm in 2010, followed one year later by “Anni backt in Münster”, its baking equivalent. Photographer Julia Cawley shot both books, which depict their Westphalian homeland as much as its typical dishes, adapted to modern tastes.

When Lisa is not trying out new recipes in the kitchen, she is busy as one of the founding partners in her own business, the agency for communication design “Nieschlag + Wentrup”. In Münster, Germany, and beyond, those in the know frequently encounter its prize-winning work.

Lisa also created the food blog "Liz & Jewels". Each week they come together (virtually!) and challenge each other. They both cook the same recipe, then style and photograph it. But far apart from each other… "Liz" in Münster (Germany), "Jewels" in New York. They follow the question, if two people follow the same recipe, will they actually end up eating the same dish?

Lisa lives in Münster, Germany, with her husband and their two-year-old daughter.


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