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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nino Franco photo competition - we have a winner!

Now that the dust has settled a bit after the whirlwind of creativity that was Plate to Page Ireland (full write up to follow!), it's time for us to announce the winner of the Nino Franco photo contest, sponsored exclusively for Plate to Page Ireland participants by Nino Franco Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG.   The brief was simple - provide a photo showcasing Nino Franco prosecco to best effect, as well as a title and an artist's statement of intent.
In total, 9 entries were submitted to the judging panel, which consisted of:
  • Renowned wine blogger and talented photographer Andrew Barrow
  • Dacotah Renneau who handles PR for Nino Franco
  • representatives of the Franco family

The standard of the entries was high, and judges were able to make their final selection by looking at both the technical excellence of the photo, as well as the prominence of the brand identity and appropriateness of the title and artistic statement. Interestingly, most of the judges' comments about photos centred on the appropriateness of the cropping/framing; and the tricky issue of distracting reflections on the glass bottles (always a problem when photographing glass!). So after much discussion, debate and deliberation, a winner was finally chosen - and here it is:


Golden, persistent and crisp. Created by three generations of wine producers from Valdobbiadene, in the Venetian region of time-honored Italy, and protected by the sparkling ice formations of the Dolomites.

This is how I envision Nino Franco Rustico: a mineral and sunny treasured Prosecco wine, enlivened by the ancestral fruity flavors of the Glera grapes and hidden from the lust of others.

The judges were unanimous in their decision that this was the winner.  The framing/cropping is perfect, using the angle of the bottle to ensure that it fills the frame without cutting anything off.  The warm colour of the vegetation echoes the golden colour of prosecco in the glass; and the focus is spot on, drawing the eye to the product name.  The judges also loved the succinct, atmospheric artistic statement. 

Although they had not originally planned to do so, the judges also decided to name a runner-up, and here it is:


Finest grape captured in the bottle, waiting for the moment to glow and shine in its full beauty. Having all natural elements in perfect harmony seeking only for your attention makes you to open the bottle of Prosecco. Slowly, with admiration and respect of hard work, heritage and tradition you open the bottle and put the Prosecco wire hold on the kitchen counter.  The cork pops out. Finally, the moment of glow. 

But, as the real lady would never go to a gala dance on foot, are the finest glasses reserved for this ride. Having a sip you can feel the gentle dance of fine pearls in your mouth that takes you to the place where you are having the dance of your life. Just perfect. You wish that feeling to last. As you reach out for one more, just one more sip, you find that the Prosecco is gone. The only thing that is there in front of you is the Proseco wire hold on the kitchen counter. It glows and reflects as the lost Cinderella shoe. It is waiting for you to start the story. 

The judges had some issues with the focus here - using a narrow depth of field was the right choice but this does mean that you need to be really really careful as to where you focus.  In this instance, the focus could have been less on the wirework, and more on the words "Nino Franco".  One of the judges also commented that the photographer might have lifted the shadows a little in post-processing to show off the company name and logo a bit more.  But the judges did enjoy the sustained Cinderella metaphor in the artistic statement and the overall moodiness and mystery of the image. 

So well done to all of those who took the time and trouble to enter and congratulations to both Susana and Lidija - Nino Franco will be in touch with you shortly.  Enjoy your prizes!