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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Goodie bag giveaway - with a twist


Food is front and center at every Plate to Page workshop: we write about it, style it, photograph it; we study it as we would some work of art. We live and breathe the food we must analyze, study, translate into words and capture in images. Color, odor, shape and texture, food pervades every shot and every exercise. Our workshop revolves around food. It is, after all, why we are there. As any food blogger or professional writer or photographer knows, food inspires our creativity, our passions and feeds our senses. It is, as they say, our bread and butter.

Yet food plays an even bigger role at Plate to Page, one we often take for granted. Once we get beyond the visual, once we close our laptops and put down our cameras, we gather around tables laden with an abundance of tasty dishes and bottles of liquid refreshment and there we look not only for sustenance to see us through an emotional, passionate weekend, but we find satisfaction and, yes, comfort.

Comfort is found in that very first meal; a lunch of sizzling bratwurst or thin slices of prosciutto on fresh ciabatta, bowls of fresh fruit and local cheese as one by one instructors and participants arrive for the Plate to Page weekend.  We glance around nervously at new faces, not knowing what to expect, not knowing how to break the ice. Conversation over a plateful of food, a glass of wine always seems easier, a common subject is found, the warmth of a good meal bringing contented laughter and confidence to even the shyest among us. We linger over our food, carrying plates and glasses into that very first session, not quite ready to let go of the comfort and familiarity of a first shared meal.

Comfort is found in a hot mug of milky coffee or a steaming cup of tea, a bowl of muesli, hot eggs and toast with cheese; we stumble down that first morning exhausted from the previous day’s work, the long night sitting up chatting with new friends, a bit nervous and embarrassed to be seen with our bedheads and morning faces, often still in our pajamas before who were just yesterday mere strangers. But there is comfort in a shared breakfast as pinpricks of sunshine seep through the window panes, as the chill of the early morning sneaks into the rambling kitchen. Plates are passed around, dishes clatter as the food works its magic, warms us inside and out. 

You may have heard a lot about our Plate to Page workshops -  the fun, the conviviality, the camaraderie, the inspiration, the hard work! But you must have also heard that we have the best, most generous sponsors, the best goodie bags anywhere. And now we have one for you. Indulge us with a little game, a little exercise in the P2P spirit and you may be the lucky winner of one truly fabulous Plate to Page goodie bag! 

Write and shoot along with us for your chance to win the exact same goodie bag we offered our workshop students at the Somerset Plate to Page workshop!

For our very first GIVEAWAY we simply ask you to write a short blog post of 500 - 800 words accompanied by 1 - 2 photos based on the theme COMFORT FOOD. Let your mind wander and find inspiration where it will, but a written post with photographs about Comfort Food will enter you to win the goodie bag. 

1) Post your submission on your own blog by Tuesday DECEMBER 1, making sure you mention Plate to Page as well as the giveaway and linking back to the Plate to Page website and this post. 
2) Leave a link to your blog post submission as a comment on this post or send it to us at platetopage AT gmail DOT com.

We ,  Jeanne, Ilva, Jamie and Meeta - will collect your entries and choose the winner. THE WINNER OF THE P2P GOODIE BAG WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE AND ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE ON DECEMBER 6. 

INCLUDED IN THE GOODIE BAG PRIZE ARE: three cookbooks and Donald Russell cooking guidesSally Williams's almond nougat, one jar of The Garlic Farm toasted garlic mayo, one jar ginger of vegetarian CaviArt, two beautiful ceramic Edge of Belgravia knives, and two aprons.

And don’t worry, our generous sponsors have sent us so many extra goodies that there are more books and products to go around.... and we will have more giveaways between now and the Plate to Page Ireland workshop in May 2013!

Please note that owing to postage costs and customs levies we can only send the goodie bag to winners in Europe.  But even if you are not in Europe, you are still most welcome to participate and get feedback from the Plate to Page instructors - and you will still feature on our website if you impress us with your entry.      


Hey Jeanne, Ilva, Jamie and Meeta,

with this blogpost I participate in the plate to page goodiebag giveaway! Thanks for this wonderful event!



Hey sweet ladies :D How about a taste of my Italian Christmas trifle for a comforting welcome to you my dear friends?


Hello Ladies!

Here You can check my link by Multiculti Kitchen what comfort food is to me.
I hope You'll like it!

All the best!



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