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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Eating in Tuscany - a peek inside a Plate to Page assignment

As we mentioned in our earlier post, we want to share with you some of the extraordinary work that our participants produce  during the 2.5 days we are together for our workshops. Today we share a piece from Denise Kortlever and Hayley Harland, two energetic and lovely participants from our Tuscany 2011 Workshop. The assignment was to write and photograph for an article titled "Eating in Tuscany" in the style of a magazine about women's health. 

They had to consider not only how the images would illustrate the article, but also the placement of text on the photos;  the tone of the magazine; and its target audience.  In doing so, they practically applied all that they had learnt about both writing and photography over the course of the weekend. 

We hope you enjoy this piece as much as we did! 

Eating and Drinking in Tuscany 
Nourish your body as well as your mind.

It’s early morning, the fertile and earthy Tuscan hills greet you from your window. You slip on your jogging shoes and step down the ancient stone stairs of Il Salicone, within seconds you’re running free between grape vines, swollen amethyst gems hanging in a luscious leafy backdrop.

Breakfast on the terrace is antioxidant rich pomegranate and fresh probiotic yoghurt. This is the perfect fuel to sustain you through the morning’s yoga lessons, set in a peaceful olive grove overlooking miles of flourishing landscape.
Breathe in the cool still air and forget about work, this time is only for you.

The menu for your entire stay is carefully planned by trained nutritionists to suit your needs, yet it keeps the traditions and values of the local cuisine. Dishes you could expect are porcini mushroom salad, the aromatic funghi picked from the
forest just that morning. Green petals fall away from lemon zested artichokes, dipped in that heart-friendly Mediterranean nectar, extra-virgin olive oil. Bistecca alla fiorentina, a steak dish so rooted in this area, is cooked crimson on the inside. Upon plunging your fork into it, a juicy gravy bursts forth. You would think that this moment on the lips would cost you on the hips but the wonderful thing about this dish is that it’s under 200 calories, the cut of meat thoughtfully selected from a nearby biodynamic farm.

Il Salicone is just one of the many retreats all over Tuscany opening their doors to people searching for a peaceful getaway. They all offer a range of packages from serene and silent meditation to the slightly more vigorous pilates. You
always come away feeling rested and restored. There are retreats like Villa Michaela near Lucca that also offer gentle cooking courses so you can take the healthy Meditteranean diet home with you. 


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