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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ciao Bella Contessa - a peek inside a Plate to Page assignment

Our Plate to Page workshops are designed not for the instructors to impose their style on others, but to help participants hone their own skills. We believe that all who attend Plate to Page are talented in their own right, even if they are personally feeling uninspired or in a creative rut.  Often, inspiration is just waiting to be unleashed and all that is needed is the right environment, guidance, push and motivation. Our time together over the 3 workshop days is often very intensive and emotional, but as instructors the four of us are always amazed to see how our participants progress so rapidly, working in teams with strangers that they have only recently met and producing extraordinary work under pressure on the assignments they are given. We are so proud of each and every one of them!

To give you an idea of the fantastic work produced on the workshops, we would like to present some of these assignments to our readers. Hope you enjoy this wonderful piece, an excerpt from what was produced by Marta Majewska and Elizabeth Pizzinato when asked to produce a foodie article and pictures in the style of a gossip magazine like Hello!

Contessa Marchesa di Vescova – or Marissa as she insists I call her – has had a love affair with cookery since she was a child. “I used to beg to go in the kitchen and help the cook,” she says laughingly. “All I got for my troubles was a cookie and a gentle but firm push out the door.” That didn’t stop the Contessa from pursuing her passion. While studying economics at the University of Siena, she fell in love with her future husband, the Count di Vescova, over pizza at Il Pomodorino, the local student hangout. “The pizza was fantastic, and Vittorio would always say my scent reminded him of the freshly baked dough,” she recounts, blushing. “I knew I had to learn how to replicate it for us to enjoy at home.”


You are right, Meeta, this story is fabulous!

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