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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Welcoming our newest batch of Tuscany sponsors

If you have been keeping an eye on your calendar, as we here at Plate to Page HQ have been, you will have noticed that we are now down to less than 2 weeks to go until we welcome the Plate to Page Class of Tuscany to Pistoia!  We’re busy finalising menus, putting the finishing touches to presentations, and making sure that we have thought of everything to give participants the best experience we possibly can.  As you can imagine, excitement is reaching fever pitch among the presenters - and it seems that we are not the only ones who are excited about the Plate to page project.  Since our last post announcing the Plate to Page Tuscany sponsors, we are thrilled to announce that a raft of other sponsors have come on board, all of them filled with enthusiasm for Plate to Page and keen to support us.  Thanks to their generosity, we have realised that we are going to need a pretty special bag for you to carry all your goodies home in - and just look what a beautiful, stylish job Druckpunkt Weimar did.  It would be an asset to any foodie’s wardrobe!

Before introducing them, of course we would like to say a huge thank you to all our sponsors - without the support and generosity of these companies, Plate to Page would not be the same and we really do appreciate the faith that they have in the workshop. You rock our world! With that said, let’s have a look at our latest sponsors and see what some of the goodies are that will be filling up those gorgeous bags:


The South African company, Peppadew International, markets a range of Peppadew Pepper products (including Hot, Mild and Sweet Piquanté peppers filled with cream cheese) under the Peppadew brand. Their secret recipe for preserving the versatile fruit delivers the perfectly balanced sweet and spicy taste and trademark crispy texture which together have created a culinary adventure around the world. 

Found in South Africa, these unique sweet piquanté peppers have been processed, bottled and marketed by Peppadew International in Tzaneen under their contemporary and innovative Peppadew brand. An unwavering commitment to quality and social responsibility sees the Peppadew International team working with horticultural, farming, transport, processing and packaging specialists to ensure that every time you open a Peppadew product you get the unmistakable Peppadew taste and texture.  With no preservatives, no gluten, low calories and a 24 month shelf life, it’s no wonder that Peppadew now has fans around the globe – but their best feature remains their taste, perfectly balanced between sweet and spicy crisp frutiness. Peppadew products are widely available in a number of European countries as well as the UK and the USA.


Bisol is a family-owned winery which has been producing high-quality prosecco sparkling wines wines in the Veneto region of Italy near Venice since 1875, although reccords show the family already growing grapes here 5 centuries ago. Today, the Bisol company owns a total of 125 hectares spread out over 35 plots, nestled in the steep hills that lead from Valdobbiadene towards Conegliano, the most prestigious area of the appellation. The land is extremely fragmented and studded with small plots, so much so that the average size of each property is little more than a hectare. The 3 hectares possessed by Bisol on the Cartizze hill, the most precious vineyard in Italy where prices can reach €1 million per hectare, is their crowning glory.

The winery is currently managed by Antonio and Eliseo Bisol together with their sons Gianluca and Desiderio; and Claudio and Alberto. The family supervises every step of the winemaking process from grape to glass, from taking care of the  vineyards, to supervising the low-yield harvest, to bottling and aging the dozen or more different wines made by the company. Bisol is one of the few wineries in the area to produce sparkling wines using both the Charmat Method and the Methode Champenoise, and has long been recognized as an innovative presence in the Prosecco region. Bisol wines are available through independent distributors and selected wine shops worldwide.

Riso Gallo is one of the largest rice producers in Europe and one of the oldest rice-growing concerns in Italy, producing rice for over six generations.  The extensive product range includes the three best known risotto rice varieties: Arborio, Vialone Nano and Carnaroli, as well as other speciality rices and gluten-free pasta.  Products are widely available throughout Europe and are available in the UK from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Coop, Morrisons, Tesco, Budgens and Booths stores nationwide. 

Risotto Pronto is a product that's ideal for families, professionals or anyone looking for that
wonderful creamy, al dente taste found in the traditional Italian cuisine, with no fuss and half the time.  The nutritious range contains no artificial colourings or preservatives and comes in packs serving 2 people – available in Wild Mushroom, Four Cheeses, Saffron and Asparagus. For inspiration try a few of these delicious combinations:

  • Add cooked chorizo to Four Cheese Risotto Pronto, for a delicious risotto with a kick.
  • Include some cooked tiger prawns and a squeeze of lemon juice to Saffron Risotto Pronto to create a sophisticated main course.
  • Finish the Asparagus Risotto Pronto with cooked peas and mint for a fresh dish that’s, full of both colour and flavour.


With over a century of experience, family-managed company Nielsen-Massey produces one of the best vanilla extracts in the world from their base in Waukegan, Illinois.  Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract is made from the finest Madagascan vanilla beans that are hand-picked, cured and put through a cold extraction process, which slowly and gently draws the vanilla 
from the bean, preserving the delicate flavour. Gourmet food shops and fine grocers stock Nielsen-Massey's vanilla products on their shelves for discriminating consumers who appreciate the art of fine cooking and baking.

The company's new line of Pure Extracts (including flavours such as coffee extract, orange blossom water, chocolate extract and rose water) is about to be released in the UK and contains natural botanic oils in an alcohol base for the cleanest flavour and purity and are made to the same stringent quality standards as the Pure Vanilla Extracts.

TABASCO® brand products are made by McIlhenny Company, founded in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana, and still family-owned and operated on the same site. Original TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce was created in the mid-to-late 1860s by Edmund McIlhenny who was given seeds of Capsicum frutescens pand thrived on the island. McIlhenny decided to create a pepper sauce to give his food some spice and flavour, mixing his best peppers with Avery Island salt and aging this mash for 30 days in crockery jars and barrels. The mash was then blended with French white wine vinegar and aged the mixture for at least another 30 days. The sauce was bottler in small cologne-type bottles with sprinkler fitments, corked with green wax - and this packaging has hardly changed today.  

Over 140 years later, TABASCO® Sauce is still made on Avery Island, Louisiana - in fact, about half of the company’s 200 employees actually live on Avery Island, with many of their parents and grandparents having worked and lived there as well.  The sauce is also made much the same way except now the aging process is up to three years in white oak barrels and the vinegar is high quality distilled vinegar. Labeled in 22 languages and dialects, sold in over 160 countries and territories, added to soldiers’ rations, and put on restaurant tables around the globe, it is the most famous, most preferred pepper sauce in the world. Today the product range includes the original sauce as well as Jalapeno, Habanero and Chipotle flavours as well as Bloody Mary mixes, barbecue sauces, and spicy snacks.


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