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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It Happened Organically - Meet Food Photographer & Stylist Sabra Krock

fruit 10316
Sometimes there are images that capture you the minute you set your eyes on them. You can spend hours studying the minute details and the care taken to set up the composition. The colors, the lighting, the styling all bring together a powerful atmosphere that makes you go “WOW!” … and that does not change even after you have viewed the images several times over.
Sabra Krock is one such photographer who takes such images. We are extremely proud to have her with us here on the Plate to Page blog as she shares her experience and allows us a closer look into her world of stunning creativity.
Thank you Sabra!
How did you get started?
Believe-it-or-not, I was a management consultant in the consumer goods area (went to business school, previously worked on wall street!) and decided that I really wanted to run my own business.  I took a break to think through ideas and business plans, and as I was doing that, I really pursued my passion for food by being adventurous in the kitchen, starting a food blog (now called Spoonful www.spoonfulblog.com), and teaching myself photography, primarily for the purpose of the blog.  I started a dog product company (which I still run) but as time went on, I found myself devoting more and more time to photography and really loving it.  I really doubled down and learned as much as I could.  Soon I was photographing for clients and photography became its own business.
Why did you choose this field?
I really didn't choose it - it just sort of happened organically.  I have always been very visually inclined and think in terms of images.  When I see a tabletop item or interesting surface I cannot help but see the possibilities for a photograph.  Food photography allows me to combine my love of art and food (my food and still life work can be seen at www.sabrakrock.com).  I now also photograph babies and children (another love!) which adds another dimension to my work and another revenue stream.  That work can be seen at www.sabrakrockkids.com.
waldorf salad 6160
What has changed over the years, in your opinion?

Styles are constantly evolving which is part of the fun. You have to keep up with trends while still being true to yourself.  Food styling has evolved to look more natural and "loose".  Colors and moods change.  Another big change is the sheer number of photographers in the industry combined with the shrinking of the print world.  I am part of that new wave of photographers - it is making it harder and harder to be fairly compensated for your work.
How has your style changed or developed or evolved?
It is constantly evolving and I am always trying new things.  I think my work, along with the trends, has become less "planned" looking although it is still very deliberate.  I incorporate a lot of vintage or rustic items into the props I use (I am a huge flea market fanatic!). I spend a lot of time looking at other people's work and sometimes try to re-create what they've done from a lighting standpoint in order to learn.  The trick is taking what you see and like and learning from it while making it your own.
pears 8340
One or two things you learned along the way:

  1. You have to value yourself and not sell yourself short when you are pricing your work.  Underselling yourself only makes it harder for you to run a business and makes it harder for everyone else to stick to their price points.  I've become willing to walk away from a situation that doesn't make sense, as much as it disappoints me to lose the work.
  1. Push yourself.  both in terms of technique and style.  I try not to have overly fixed ideas of what I'm going to do in a shoot.  I always start with a plan but once I have the intended shot, I try different things that I didn't originally plan for - often times I end up with something I like better than my original idea.  I also try to reserve time on my own to try new techniques, for example a new lighting set up.   It's important to keep learning and evolving.


Stunning work! And I love how you stumbled accidentally (organically) into your new career and evolved. That inspires so many of us! I am always encouraged and inspired by people who follow a passion and then create something unique! Thank you so much for sharing!

I love the work of Sabra, she's one of my favourites no doubt.

OMG - amazing. I am going home to make the apple-yoghurt-granola picture. Gorgeous!

What stunning photos! It's always great to hear the story of how someone finds their calling in life quite by accident, especially when it consists of true art, a category into which these photos undoubtedly fall. Bravo.

I've been a big fan of Sabra for years. I first discovered her work through Flickr and it has only become better over time!

stunning somehow seems much less than what i feel when i'm looking at these photos. i'm inspired, challenged and hopeful as i am just beginning this journey into photography. i've been blogging for about 16 months but am now looking at food photography in a whole new way and i love it - the photography itself seems to 'feed me'. thanks much for sharing!!

I love both the styling and the photography, very inspiring! Thank You!

I love Sabra's work. I specially keep going to her blog to learn how she lights her shots!

I love Sabra's work. I found her in Flickr. Beautiful styling and light.

I found Sabra and her wonderful work a few years back when I first started blogging.

Sabra you ahve always been a big source of inspiration for me. I enjoy your style and clean, crisp images. Your compositions are always thought out and so powerful.

Thanks for allowing us to feature you!

Thanks so much for having me Meeta! It's an honor. And thanks so much everyone for your kind words!

What a wonderful article, so many good points about photography and very helpful advise, too. Of course, the photos are completely stunning, too.

Your photos are gorgeous. ! especially love the shot of the pears emerging out of the rich dark blue with subtle highlights on the plate. I agree about how hard it is to set prices while not losing opportunities. It's so hard to be creative and run a business at the same time.

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